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It takes a lot of people to pull off what we do. There’s no secret room with a wizard pulling levers. The hard work and sacrifice put in and poured out each week by our volunteers is what makes this happen. We have several areas where you can volunteer. Sign up at eConnect.

Being a part of an eGroup is the best way for Life-change to happen. In an eGroup, you’ll build community and foster spiritual growth. eGroups are where we grow together in our relationship with God and His church. Sign up at eConnect.

We do not have a student ministry — we are a student ministry. Students who call Elevate home are asked to get involved in everything we do. They’re plugged into eGroups. They volunteer. They give their resources and invite their friends and family to our weekend worship experiences. Our students believe they were not called to simply survive the world, but change it.

Getting Involved at Elevate


Elevate is a new ministry plant.

Some get the misconception that once you volunteer, you’re stuck. Some feel that it is an overwhelming task, but here at Elevate we have a “Serve & Be Served” ministry style. This will allow you to pour out your gifts to change lives, but also allow you to be poured into by our leadership team.


We know what God is doing here is special, and we want you to have a part in that. We want you to connect with the people you go to church with and build relationships and community.


At Elevate, we don’t stress membership. We emphasize participation. And there are several ways to join in with what we’re doing here.


Our goal is to be outside the four walls because the church is not the building, but the people.  Our plans are to work in partnership with non-profit organizations locally, nationally, and globally to feed the hungry, fight homelessness, empower children and families, respond to the needs of people in crisis, and lead a generation into a greater life of generosity and service in Jesus’ name.

eKids is the family ministry of Elevate with a goal of engaging kids and empowering families. eKids is offered for children 6 weeks to 5th grade, providing age-appropriate worship, Bible stories, and activities during our Sunday worship experiences. eKids is also available to allow parents a distraction-free worship experience