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The birth of Elevate Church.

How We Landed in Louisville...

After over eighteen years of being in the "Rebuilding ministry" mode, we knew that God had called us to church planting. We answered the call from God to move back to our home state of Kentucky, and launch the vision He had placed in us many years ago.

We desire to strip away the man-made rules and inspire people to chase after God, truly fall in love with Him and allow Jesus to invade their hearts and raise them to greater life only found in Him. Laura and I believe in team ministry and we have done this TOGETHER.

In the Louisville Metro area there are 1.3 million people. Over 585,000 of those people do not have a church affiliation but what is very disturbing is only 10%, roughly 130,000 people, are considered an active member of a church. That leaves over 1.17 million people in our city detached or disengaged from a life giving ministry that leads to life in Jesus. Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky and in 2012 was ranked as the 27th largest city in the United States. The population is growing, and with that, the need for a relevant church is also growing.

According to statistics, more people are coming to a relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of a new church plant than any other way. Our mission is to create a place here in Louisville where people far from God can be raised to life with Christ.

Official Launch of Elevate Church Celebration 10:45am

Official Launch of Elevate Church Celebration 10:45am